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A subtle convergence of faith, hope, and love takes place as three seemingly unconnected lives intertwine in ways they couldn’t have imagined, in a story that’s as gritty as it is heartwarming…

Thirty-something Kallie Molloy enjoys a nice life in San Diego; a downtown condo, a decent job, and a good man. Without warning, her world begins to unravel until the only available option is an unexpected job offer from a soccer club in Minnesota. The move is sure to stir up emotions from her past but taking a leap of FAITH may be her only path to a fresh start…

After one tragic night sent his life into a tailspin and feeling overwhelmed by the constant, plaguing reminders of a life that no longer existed, pro soccer players’ agent, Chris Bedford quietly ran from his life in tiny Northfield, Minnesota to the anonymity of Chicago. Now, years later, for his daughter’s sake, he nervously contemplates their return to Northfield, the same place that left him hopeless.

Retired attorney and unassuming widower, Stanley Beckham, occupies his days managing The Study, a bookstore-coffee shop inspired by his late wife. It’s not just a wildly popular local favorite, it’s how he honors her spirit. Though he enjoys his role, he starts to wonder if there’s more out there and whether he’s honoring the lost LOVE of his life or if he’s merely hiding in the backdrop?

The answer for all three of them may lie within the last gift Stanley’s wife ever gave him…

Goodreads – Indie Book Reviews

“…reminded me of a Lifetime movie, and I mean that as a compliment. The title is so perfect because it really is about a wonderful ‘gift’ (no spoilers), and the power of love, in all its forms…”

“…The characters were fully-fleshed out, and each of the relationships felt authentic and unique and flawed, and that to me was the strongest part of the story…”

“I was surprised by how much I got into this book, and appreciated not only the authenticity of the characters, but the genuine emotions that they evoked…Recommend to fans of Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts, Jodi Piccoult, etc…”

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