Originally from Norfolk, Nebraska and currently residing in San Diego, California. I’m fortunate to have met and been influenced by my fair share of characters along the way. From midwestern roots, to the Marine Corps, through college, law school, work, and too many observations to count, I bring it all to bear as I sift through the business of life.

My original intent for this blog was to create an exchange of ideas for moments that matter, but I quickly discovered that I was a few years late to the blogging party and it’s no easy feat to get people to read a post let alone offer input or commentary. There’s just too much content out there and not enough time, so now it serves as sort of a digital outpost for the moments and people that compel me to record my observations. Acknowledging the moments that matter doesn’t have to be relegated to backpage anecdotes, hence, The “business” of life.

When I’m not writing, I pay my bills working as a “tax guy” and anyone in a similar profession would probably tell you that the steady stream of novel-worthy characters is in abundance. For fun, I read (a lot), watch movies, experience life with my wife & son, listen to music (especially live music), try to play guitar, and enjoy watching soccer and college football.





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